Persecuted disciples prayer – what Inspiration


What are you doing after strenuous imprisoning challenging times, especially when prison has been unfair and unjust?

Two leading disciples of Jesus Christ, Peter and John, who has just experienced such a scenario, were released from prison and they continued preaching and teaching and healing in Jesus’ name. We read about this in Acts chapter 4 of the New Testament, it is advisable to check it out. It is always good to check what any preacher or teacher says.

Jesus teaches us through the Bible to continue to work and allow the ministry of the gospel to flow from age to age, until Jesus comes again.

The command is clear – go around the world – Preach the word – cure the sick – minister to the needy – Feed the hungry – Set free the prisoners

Not only is Christianity alone. it is included. In Christ, all may have – rich and poor – black and white – .. Learned and ignorant

Through these verses that there is more concern for the salvation of people, but the safety of the Apostle

We by later verses that religious leaders were on the point of taking the life of Peter and John. The disciples of Jesus Christ can be so hated and hated!

These educated lawyers in Jerusalem to hear the truth of God and yet, they can not see it. They are so close, yet so far. Lord, why do not you just open your eyes? But he is not.

Do you ever wonder why some people just do not see? It is because they are blind. When we study the scriptures, and are immersed in the Word of God, we learn all kinds of important lessons and have various questions answered.

In verse 23, Peter and John returned to Jerusalem company as soon as they are released from prison

They return to the Church without thinking -. ‘Well, I’m not going to have anything more to do with Jesus Christ, that’s how I’m going to treat “There is no self-pity and no feeling sorry for themselves.

our attitude to suffering and persecution can determine continued faithfulness to God.

They report what they had been through, and when those who believe in Jesus, heard their account, they were out in prayer.

Nothing had to say to encourage these disciples to pray. They do not need to be coaxed and encouraged to speak out in prayer.

We have some of the words of that prayer in verse 24. Note that words like they lifted up their voice to God. “You died. You talked about. Many have gathered against the Lord and his anointed one. Now they are threatening us. “These are powerful words.

Enable your servants and we are your servants. There was no doubt about it. They knew who they were. This is not arrogance. This is a guarantee.

There are certain things we need to know. They ask for two things: “… Sir, you go on to give us courage and confidence the Lord, going on to perform miracles Stretch out your hand to heal “

Help us to preach with courage, and you keep doing miracles.

the place where they were meeting was shaken. It was like there was an immediate response where men to show what he could do. They were in his hands and in the middle of his will. Now that is a good place to be.

Church of Jesus Christ is only a few days old. The first wave of persecution hits this dynamic group.

They sailed on, and not sink. It was a unit. They were united in heart and mind, and much grace was with them all.

Sandy Shaw


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