Inspirational Bible stories for children


Good spiritual growth is very important to a child forever in a Christian family. Your child needs to know not only about the Bible and what Jesus did for us, but also need to understand it and use it in everyday life. For spiritual growth of children, parents send their children to Sunday school where they are taught about the Bible and many stories in it. One Sunday a teacher must have in mind is the mind of a child is very soft and can actually take it told them. This is why you must make it a point to teach inspirational Bible stories to children in Sunday school where they will learn from them and will want to be like the characters in the Bible.

One very good story that inspires a child is King David. History shows that God can do even the smallest of people to lead the state and the age is not a concern when it comes to the choice of God. David was the smallest child in the family and all he did was watch a flock of sheep. God chose him because he was humble and kind man to God. With this story the children learn to be humble and will try to be good in the eyes of God, to be selected to help the Lord’s kingdom.

Another very inspirational story of Zacchaeus. He was a small man who was never taken. One day when Jesus walked the streets with a crowd around him, Zacchaeus wanted to see him. The only problem was that he was too short and he was not able to see him or get noticed by him. That’s why he climbed a tree. Jesus immediately noticed this and called Zacchaeus to his house. This shows that God takes even the smallest of people if they have a great desire to meet him. This is very common Bible story but unfortunately never explained to the children.

Inspirational Bible stories like these are great, but only if described in the immediate children. Children should be the center of attention when it comes to disclosure of the story. When I was in Sunday school I learned a lot of Bible stories, but the sad part is that they were never explained to me.

So when you’re narrating the Bible story, make sure to explain it by always keeping the children in mind when coming up with an explanation for it.


writers by Michael C Logan

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